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Budapest is the capital of Hungary, its main political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transport center. The city consists of three historically formed parts - Pest, Buda and Obuda, in January…

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Shark attacks: in which countries do they attack more often
This danger, however, as often happens, is greatly exaggerated; according to biologists, the shark on the beach is still an exception, not a rule. And cases of shark attacks on…

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Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany
Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, located in the north of the country, at the confluence of the Elbe River in the North Sea. The settlement, which subsequently…

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Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, located in the north of the country, at the confluence of the Elbe River in the North Sea. The settlement, which subsequently gave rise to the city of Hamburg itself, arose in this place in the VIII century. Around 950, the fortress of Hammaburg was built by Emperor Charles the Great. On May 7, 1189, Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa granted significant trading privileges to Hamburg. This circumstance played a large role in the development of the port of Hamburg, and now this day is celebrated in Hamburg as the “birthday of the port.” Continue reading

Baden Baden

Baden-Baden is a spa town in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, located on the western slopes of the Black Forest. Until 1931, the city was called Baden, but people often spoke of Baden in Baden (the Baden region) and this is how the current double name Baden-Baden originated.

Baden-Baden is famous for its hot springs. Even the ancient Romans noted the healing properties of these sources. The ruins of Roman baths are still preserved in Baden-Baden. And in the XVIII century, Baden-Baden turned into the largest resort in Europe, where monarchs, nobles, writers and musicians gathered. In the XIX century, the city became quite popular among the Russian aristocracy, it was visited by Fedor Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev, Anton Chekhov and others. Continue reading


Balatonboglar is a cozy town that adorns the southern shore of Lake Balaton with resort opportunities. The distance from the capital of Budapest by only 150 kilometers stimulates the natural interest of tourists with the full transport accessibility of this village.

Mentioned for the first time by ancient chroniclers in 1211, Balatonboglar made his name sound before the Turkish invasion, reaching heights in viticulture and the inevitably concomitant of this craft of winemaking. And in the resort direction, the town began to develop at the turn of the century – an idealistically romantic nineteenth and unpredictably stormy twentieth. Continue reading


Héviz is a balneological resort on the shores of the thermal lake of the same name, which is a unique creation of nature not only in Europe, but throughout the world, both in size and in chemical composition of water. The largest warm-water lake in Europe fascinates tourists with its water lilies blooming from May to November. Its healing water is rich in mineral salts, and the bottom is covered with silt with a high content of radium.

Heviz Resort is 6 km from the historic city of Keszthely.

Heviz resort is considered one of the most visited balneological resorts of the famous tourist region of Hungary, Balaton. The climate in the resort is temperate, summers are warm, long autumn, wet winters, early spring. Continue reading


Debrecen is a city in eastern Hungary, the second most populated city in the country after Budapest, and the economic and cultural center of eastern Hungary. The city lies on the territory of the famous Khorobadi steppe – empty, included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Debrecen was first mentioned in writing in 1235. In 1361, King Lajosh I granted Debrecen the status of a free city. In the XV-XVI centuries, Debrecen became an important trading city, there were a large number of fairs, mainly agricultural. Thanks to the wise policies of the leadership of the city of Debrecen, it was possible to maintain independence; it remained a peculiar city-state, defining the internal development of local society and the formation of urban identity for centuries to come. Continue reading

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