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Where to stay in Ibiza

Famous for its many nightclubs and beautiful beaches, the Mediterranean island of Ibiza (another pronunciation of the name is Ibiza) is visited annually by a huge number of tourists from around the world. The wonderful climate, discos, electronic music, warm and clear sea water – this is what attracts most travelers here. But some tourists arrive on the island only to see historical monuments that are under the protection of UNESCO. Among these attractions, a special place is occupied by the ancient castle, the first mention of which dates from the XII century.

Centuries BC, a Phoenician port was founded on the island. Later, Carthage and the Roman Empire had a huge impact on the history of the island. At that time, the locals mined salt, made paint, wool and fish sauce, which was very popular in the cuisine of Ancient Rome. Currently, the island is a Spanish territory. The tourist boom here began around the middle of the 20th century. Today, most of the population of the island works in the tourism sector.

The choice of places to stay in Ibiza is simply huge. What to prefer? Which area of ​​the island to choose? The answer depends only on you – on how exactly you imagine the perfect vacation.

Municipalities of the island
The island, with an area of ​​approximately five hundred and seventy square kilometers, is divided :

Ibiza city
San Jose
San Juan Bautista;
San Antonio Abad;
Santa Eulalia del Rio.
Each of these municipalities is attractive for travelers, in each of them there are many hotels and guest houses. By choosing any of the five areas of the island, you will not make a mistake. But still, which one is perfect for you?

Ibiza city
The municipality is located in the southeast of the island. Its area is just over eleven square kilometers. The population is about fifty thousand inhabitants. Here is the administrative center of the island.

First of all, the city is famous for its nightclubs and discos. Some of them are even world famous. This is an ideal place for all lovers of round-the-clock fun and vibrant nightlife. If you are one of them, be sure to stay here! You will probably not find the best place to have fun and dance until the morning, perhaps, on the whole planet!

However, you do not need to think that there is nothing but clubs and discos. There are schools, shops, administrative institutions – in short, everything that is required for everyday life.

Where to stay: One Ibiza Suites, Sir Joan Hotel, Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila.

San jose
The largest municipality of the island is located in its southern part. There are more beaches than any other municipality in Ibiza. The coast here is eighty kilometers long. The area seems to be specially created for lovers of beach holidays.

On the territory of the municipality there are natural attractions of amazing beauty. This, for example, is a natural park (protected area), where you can wander among the white sand dunes and see flamingos. There are also historical monuments – for example, the remains of a settlement of the VII century, which are under the protection of UNESCO. Also historic sights are the ancient towers built along the coast to defend the island.

If you prefer nightclubs to historical monuments, then in this case you will not be disappointed. There are many of them in the municipality. Some of them are among the most popular clubs on the island. In a word, nightlife here is usually in full swing, because the municipality is so attractive to young people.

Where to stay: Vinci Villa, Casa Victoria Suites, Can Toni.

San juan bautista
The area of ​​this region of the island is about one hundred and twenty square kilometers; its population is about five thousand five hundred people. Part of the municipality is the village of the same name, near which there is a beach. In this area hills rise, pines turn green. Tourists stay here, perhaps less often than in other municipalities of the island.

The area was once popular with representatives of the hippie movement. Today, this movement has largely become part of history. Now here those who seek solitude and peace, who want to enjoy the silence and forget for a while about the intense rhythm of megacities.

The main local attraction can be called the temple of the XVIII century, built of white stone. It will not be difficult for you to find it: it rises above the rest of the buildings.

There are also natural attractions. The main one is, of course, a beach with white sand and perfectly clear sea water. Another attraction is the cave, located near the coast. However, this tourist place is not only a natural attraction, but also a historical monument: in the cave is the sanctuary of the ancient goddess. He is more than two and a half thousand years old.

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