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Where to stay in Salzburg

Salzburg is considered one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Austria. Tourists from all over the world strive to get here in order to feel the amazing atmosphere of this city, stroll along the old streets, taste the dishes of national cuisine and get acquainted with local traditions.

The flow of visitors does not stop all year round, therefore, recently in Salzburg an emphasis has been placed on the construction of hotels and hotel complexes. If you want to spend a few days or weeks in this ancient and interesting city, it is better to decide in advance where to stay in Salzburg.

The main areas of the city
There is no official division into districts in Salzburg, but locals traditionally distinguish five districts. When travelers are looking for a place to live, they primarily focus on these areas. Each of them has both pros and cons. The choice of district depends on your individual preferences, financial capabilities and other indicators.

The most popular among tourists are the following areas:

Accommodation prices are relatively the same in all areas. Hotels that are housed in old mansions may differ greatly in price, since such houses are part of the cultural heritage of the country and in themselves constitute a tourist attraction.

It is better to book rooms and apartments long before the trip, as Salzburg is very popular among those who want to visit it. This trend is especially observed in the summer, when a variety of thematic festivals are held in the city. At this time, almost all the hotels in the city are crowded.

Zheleznodorozhny District
This area is preferred by those who do not plan to stay in Salzburg for a long time or stay here on the way to Vienna. Also, near the train station, part lovers travel around the city. The main advantages of this area are the ability to quickly get to the station and affordable hotel prices.

In this part of Salzburg, as a rule, there are four-star hotels, separate apartments and separate villas. A large number of 4 star hotels is explained by the fact that in the city center there is little space for the construction of large buildings. In addition, hotels of this level require spacious rooms and modern communication systems. One of these hotels is located opposite the station and has comfortable rooms with views of the Alps and picturesque landscapes. Bonuses to such a settlement will be fresh air and the presence of various promotional offers.

You can also rent a villa or apartment. To do this, you must contact the owner in advance and book your favorite option. You can do this on specialized sites or use the services of a travel company.

Getting to the city center from the railway district is best done by public transport. Travel time will be from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the final destination. The best option is to buy a single transport card for several days. So you can save a lot.

Hotels and apartments for living: Altstadt Hofwirt, Radisson Blu Altstadt, Goldenes Theater Salzburg, Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center, Star Inn Premium Salzburg Gablerbräu, Austria Trend Europa Salzburg, Adlerhof, Altstadt Stadtkrug, Cool Mama, K6 Rooms by Der Salzburger Hof.

New district
Residents of the city determine the boundaries of this area with Mirabel Park on the one hand and the foot of the Kapuzinerberg Mountain on the other. Tourists who want to find this part of the city are guided by the magnificent baroque palace located in the park. From a geographical point of view, the location of the area is ideal for lovers of hiking, gastronomic tourism and a peaceful atmosphere.

Near Mirabell in 1866, one of the oldest hotels in Salzburg was built. It became famous not only for its views from the window, but also for its high level of service, as well as excellent sound insulation thanks to the thick walls. The cost of rooms in this hotel is high, but sometimes management gives a gift to its guests and reduces prices by almost half. To book rooms at a reduced price, you must regularly review the hotel’s offers on the site.

The range of services of any hotel in a new area includes:

free parking and internet;
a recreation area and barbecue in the yard;
beauty saloon;
luggage storage;
round-the-clock service.
In addition to the main types of services, you can offer a car rental, cooking by the chef for individual orders, fascinating guided tours. If tourists come without a car, then they can not worry, as getting to the central part of Salzburg is not difficult.

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