Costa Daurada - The Golden Coast of Opportunity
Attachment to one place of rest - unless, of course, it is connected with neophobia (fear of everything new), without irony, let’s say, commendable devotion. What could be wrong with…

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Balatonboglar is a cozy town that adorns the southern shore of Lake Balaton with resort opportunities. The distance from the capital of Budapest by only 150 kilometers stimulates the natural…

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Budapest is the capital of Hungary, its main political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transport center. The city consists of three historically formed parts - Pest, Buda and Obuda, in January…

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Where to stay in Vienna

It’s not for nothing that many people call Vienna the grand drawing room of Europe – with such riches it’s not a shame to receive the highest guests. Moreover, it is difficult to find a place where palaces, parks and cathedrals of the past would so easily and naturally coexist with the laconic and assertive products of our time. And all this in the thick, tart atmosphere of inspiration and daydreaming that Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Haydn and other creators presented to the city. Against the backdrop of such greatness, not knowing where to stay in Vienna seems even indecent – the city, which received the geniuses of art, always has something to offer the traveler who seeks shelter.

As one of the main tourist capitals, Vienna has long been irrevocably ranked among the most expensive cities in Europe, which is true. Counting on cheap housing is, at least, naive. But “folk” hotels – mini-hotels, guest-houses and hostels are always ready to come to the rescue of tourists.

Although living in Vienna is better in traditional hotels located in aristocratic mansions and palaces of the nobility, it is easier to feel the atmosphere of the place, its former grandeur and imperial spirit, preserved from the time of the Austro-Hungarian kingdom.

Vienna districts
Not the last role is played by the district of the capital where it is planned to settle. It is one thing to live in an old quarter surrounded by historical buildings and masterpieces of architecture, quite another in a modern neighborhood decorated with the odious creations of masters of our time. The nature of the rest differs: in one part of Vienna these are elevated and inspired trips to memorial sites, in the other endless parties and immersion in local subcultures.

There are 23 districts in Vienna, but the guests of the city are only interested in the main ones, where life is in full swing and the main events unfold:

Old city.
Is visible.
Which of them and where to stay in Vienna depends on the monetary opportunities and the travel program. Although at the level of development of local transport, wherever you live, you can get from one area to another easily and quickly.

Old city
He is the Inner City, he is the district number 1 and he is the one with which it all began. It was here that the old Vienna was born and immediately there are the main attractions. The area is inside the Ring – something like a local Arbat, encircling the area in a ring. Historians and international art guards did not bother and simply included the entire area on the UNESCO list.

But the pleasure of living in a memorial area is always expensive. Here the most expensive hotels, and the high price is not always completed with convenience and comfort. Room rates start from 120 € for a double standard. Numbers for 800 €, 1000 € and above will not surprise anyone here.

Many hotels are indeed located in palaces with wide marble staircases, sparkling stacked floors, crystal chandeliers and gilded stucco molding. It seems that yesterday, princesses with marquises danced here at the balls, and today commoners are walking around the halls.

Overpay in the Old Town will have to be literally for everything: restaurants, shops, souvenir shops, taxis, etc. At the same time, you will have to put up with the eternal hype, lines and a shortage of places in cafes and other places. But if you’re lucky, you will get a room with a view of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna Opera, Hofburg or House without eyebrows. The Museum Quarter, Peterskirche Church, the Plague Column and dozens of incomparable places were also located there.

Where to stay in Vienna in the Old Town: DO&CO Hotel Vienna, City Pension, Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof, Hotel Austria – Wien, Austria Trend Hotel Europa Wien, Hotel Royal, Adagio Vienna City, Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth, Hotel Sacher Wien, Hotel König von Ungarn, Hotel Ambassador, Grand Hotel Wien, Palais Coburg, Hotel Am Parkring, Hilton Vienna, InterContinental Wien, Hotel Capricorno, Alma Boutique-Hotel, Hotel Kärntnerhof, Vienna Marriott Hotel.

A nice island district located across the Danube Canal from the Old Town. It seems to be still a center, but prices are closer to real ones. Former “Matz Island”, the area is best suited for living.

Lepoldstadt is a very green and beautiful place, decorated with parks and gardens. The Prater Park is located here – the very one where the tall people chose to hunt. Today there is an amusement park, a Ferris wheel and much more. Other objects include the Mexican Church of the same name, Johann Strauss House, Leopold Church, the Crime Museum, the palace and the Augarten Park. In general, there will be where to walk and what to take, if from all the places where you can stay in Vienna, you prefer this area.

Hotels: Das Capri, Hotel Stefanie, Hotel Resonanz Vienna, Hotel City Central, Vienna Suites, Der Wilhelmshof, Austria Trend Hotel Messe Wien Prater, Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom, Best Western Plus Hotel Arcadia, Hotel Imlauer Wien, Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront, Yourapartment City Center, Hotel Imlauer Wien.

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