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What to see in Azerbaijan

Tours to the former Soviet republics are becoming increasingly popular among Russian travelers. Simplified entry conditions and the ability to communicate in their native language attracts compatriots to the Transcaucasian republics, with whose inhabitants relations have long been distinguished by special warmth. Looking for information on what to see in Azerbaijan during a vacation or vacation? Pay attention to the most famous sights, which are famous for both Baku and the Azerbaijani province.

In the center of old Baku, on top of a cliff partially lined with hewn stone, stands the oldest metropolitan attraction – the Maiden’s Tower. The date of its construction is covered in mystery, and archaeologists believe that the construction began in pre-Islamic times, and the last work on the tower was carried out in the XII century. For about two hundred years, the Maiden’s Tower served as a lighthouse, showing the way for ships arriving at the port of Baku.
However, the original purpose of the building is still a mystery. The most reasonable explanation for the appearance of the tower in Baku is the version of its religious mission. There is a version that Gyz Galasy served as a kind of observatory for sun worshipers.
The height of the structure is about 28 meters, the diameter of the base is more than 16 meters, and the inner space of the tower, divided into eight tiers, is connected by spiral staircases. At the very top of the Maiden’s Tower you will find an observation deck with a great view of the Baku port.
The cost of visiting the attraction in local currency is equivalent to 5 euros.

Shirvanshahs Palace

The residence of the rulers of Shirvan in Baku is a complex of buildings built in the period from XIII to XVI century. Having visited the attraction, you can see:

The 15th century palace mosque, decorated with stone carvings.
Kay-Kubad Mosque, built a century earlier at the site of an ancient burial site.
The east portal or Murad gate designed and embodied in stone by an architect from Tabriz.
Turbé or tomb, above the entrance to which rises a richly decorated stone portal.
The palace itself is a two-story building with narrow spiral staircases, many rooms and bay windows, which offers a magnificent view of the sea bay.
The address of the complex: 76 Dvortsovy lane. The nearest metro is Icheri Sheher. The complex is open from 10.00, the ticket price is 1 euro.

The reserve in the Absheron region carefully preserves rock paintings preserved from primitive times. The most ancient were made about 6 thousand years ago. Artists depicted people, animals, scenes of hunting and life.
Mud volcanoes that throw a mixture of mud, oil and water to the surface of the earth attract no less attention. The landscape in these parts is reminiscent of the Martian, and the volcanoes themselves are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Between Baku and Gobustan – about 50 km, which can be overcome by public transport or taxi.


The Temple of Fire on the Absheron Peninsula in place of unquenchable lights appeared in the XVII century. In Azerbaijan, such mysticism has a completely scientific basis: in these parts, natural gas coming out from under the ground burns. The temple was revered by Zoroastrians and Sikhs, and scholars believe that fire was worshiped here in the Medes.
The open-air museum includes an external battlement, an entrance portal and a quadrangular altar, where pilgrims still come to.
The exact address of the object: the village of Surahani, Surahan region. The distance from the center of the capital is about 30 km.

Carpet Museum
If you want to look at the carpets in Azerbaijan, go to the museum, the building of which leaves no doubt about its purpose. The first museum on the planet dedicated to carpet weaving and carpet history and carefully preserving the most valuable pieces of ancient art, was opened in Baku in the middle of the last century.
The museum’s oldest exhibit is a fragment of the Tabriz school carpet woven in the 17th century, and the 18th century carpet, called Hila Afshan, has been preserved almost perfectly. Among the 14 thousand exhibits, visitors will see a collection of ancient faience, embroidery, weapons and even archaeological finds dating from the Bronze Age.
Museum address – Baku, st. Mikaila Useynova, 28. The exposition is open daily except Monday from 10.00.

Sheki Khans Palace

The small residence of the eastern rulers in the city of Sheki was built in the Persian style. The building, erected in the XVIII century for Huseyn Khan Mushtag, is still considered an example of the palace architecture of the Caucasus. The huge mosaic window in the center of the palace, the delicate stone lattices and the facade painted with scenes of hunting and military battles are especially impressive. The painting covers absolutely the entire palace – both inside and outside, and the main color of the palace ornaments is gold.
The city of Sheki is located in the northern part of the country. In addition to the palace, the fortress, the Khan’s mosque, caravanserais and the minaret of the Geyli Mosque are noteworthy here.

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