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When is it better to relax in Azerbaijan?

An ancient state with a five-thousand-year history, the birthplace of the “Shamakhand queen” from Pushkin’s fairy tale “The Golden Cockerel”, the place where Noah lived out his last days and where his tomb is located, the country that served as a prototype of Persia in the poetry of Sergei Yesenin, is Azerbaijan. When asked when to relax in Azerbaijan, local residents unequivocally answer: from the beginning of summer to mid-autumn. At this time, dry, warm weather sets in, and rains are very rare.

One of the Caucasian republics of the former Soviet Union, Azerbaijan is not frozen in the past, although there are enough historical monuments here. The country changes so much every year that people who have been here several years ago do not recognize it. Significant changes are especially noticeable in its capital, the city of Baku.

Beautiful capital
Baku is most beautiful in the summer, when it is buried in flowerbeds of roses. A few years ago, the government invested a lot of money in the improvement of the capital. The old dilapidated buildings in the city center were dismantled, along the coast they built a long Seaside Boulevard with benches for rest, paved new avenues, some streets closed to cars, paved with expensive marble, erected new interesting architectural monuments, for example, the Tower of Fire, in the evenings resembling torches, and the Heydar Aliyev Center of a strange form. In fact, its design is understandable: from a bird’s eye view the building resembles Aliyev’s signature.

It is better to admire the sights of Baku from the observation deck of the Maiden’s Tower, erected in the 7th century, which makes it the oldest building in Baku. And in search of the atmosphere of old Baku, you should go to Icheri Sheher – the Inner City, surrounded by a high wall. Time there seemed to have stopped somewhere in the Middle Ages.

Vacations in the Caspian
If the plans of tourists include holidays on the Caspian Sea, then it is better to come to Azerbaijan in the summer, when the water warms up to a comfortable temperature for swimming. Azerbaijan is at the same latitude as the countries of the Mediterranean basin, but summers are more arid.

The most popular beach resorts in the country are:

Sumgait is one of the youngest tourist cities in Azerbaijan. It is known for its mild, semi-arid climate and a wide coastal strip strewn with small shells.
Lankaran, located in the subtropical zone. The city, founded in the X century BC. e., famous for its thermal springs and wonderful black sand beaches.
Nabran is a small village with budget hotels. It is surrounded by ancient, untouched forests, beautiful gardens and well-groomed, neat vineyards.
Oil sanatoriums
Azerbaijan is often called the “country of black gold.” Its well-being is based on oil and gas production. There is so much oil in the Caspian Sea that locals literally bathe in it. And this is not a figure of speech. Back in Soviet times, Naftalan resort was known throughout the Union, where a special type of oil is extracted, which is not suitable for processing and creating gas from it. But it is ideal for the treatment of skin diseases, even the most advanced, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and metabolic stabilization. The healing properties of local oil are evidenced by the world’s only crutch museum. Here are the crutches left by the cured patients. According to legends, the army of Alexander of Macedon was well aware of the healing oil. I heard about her and Marco Polo.

Take a bath with oil should be careful. You can stay in an oily liquid for no longer than 10 minutes. When you are relaxing in Azerbaijan, it is better to drop in to Naftalan for a couple of days to get healthier in local ultramodern medical centers that have replaced Soviet-style sanatoria.

Gobustan Petroglyphs
If you can relax in the Naftalan hospitals at any time of the year, then it is better to look at Azerbaijani antiquities in September-October, when the heat subsides, but it is still warm and dry. From Baku you can easily get to the Gobustan Nature Reserve, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its rocks are covered with thousands of petroglyphs, many of which were left by people who lived in the Neolithic era. Tourists are usually afraid of the poisonous snakes that live here, almost tiptoe running past stones dotted with strange patterns that can be seen people with tails, boats without oars, unknown signs. Who left them, and why were they found only in the middle of the 20th century?

Only one inscription does not raise any questions, for it is known exactly who made it. It turns out that in the days of the Roman legionnaires it was customary to leave behind banal phrases such as “Here was such and such” on all vertical surfaces. In the rocks of Gobustan, an autograph of the legionnaire Livy Maxim was found, which he left in the 1st century. n e.

Stops of the Great Silk Road
The historical region of Shirvan has a mild, even climate, so you can come here both in summer and in winter. But it is better to go on a trip to Shirvan in the fall.

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