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Baden Baden

Baden-Baden is a spa town in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, located on the western slopes of the Black Forest. Until 1931, the city was called Baden, but people often spoke of Baden in Baden (the Baden region) and this is how the current double name Baden-Baden originated.

Baden-Baden is famous for its hot springs. Even the ancient Romans noted the healing properties of these sources. The ruins of Roman baths are still preserved in Baden-Baden. And in the XVIII century, Baden-Baden turned into the largest resort in Europe, where monarchs, nobles, writers and musicians gathered. In the XIX century, the city became quite popular among the Russian aristocracy, it was visited by Fedor Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev, Anton Chekhov and others.

Extremely mild climate, elegant city center, an abundance of gardens and parks, hot thermal springs, modern thermal complexes and comfortable hotels are the components of the success of Baden-Baden. The city has a lot of water and flowers and there is no urban noise at all, so it is so easy to disconnect from everyday worries and to relax.

The healing properties of the mineral springs of Baden-Baden have been known since the III century, when, by order of the emperor Caracalla, imperial baths were built here.

The nature of the sources of Baden-Baden is radon, and the purpose is multifaceted. People suffering from nervous disorders, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, as well as for the purpose of post-traumatic rehabilitation, can come here with benefit for themselves.

Resort specialization:
– all diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
– inflammatory rheumatic diseases (arthritis, arthrosis);
– degenerative diseases of the joints and spine;
– subsequent treatment after operations and traumatic injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
– general increase in functional abilities;
– relieving stress and tension;
– regeneration, activation, as well as stimulation of the whole organism;
– pain relief;
– functional disorders of the circulatory system;
– diseases of the nervous system;
– stimulation of blood circulation, as well as increased stamina;
– gynecological diseases (including violations due to menopause);
– obesity and various dysfunctions of the glands;
– body cleansing;
– diseases of the respiratory tract (chronic bronchitis, diseases of the nasal cavity, etc.).

In addition to clinics and sanatoriums, the city has thermal complexes (the most famous “Terme Caracalla” and “Friedrichsbad”), drinking galleries and swimming pools. Thermal complexes are used in various treatment methods, including even Ayurveda. The summer season lasts from May to October.

You can spend the whole day in the baths of Caracalla or the Roman-Irish thermal complex Friedrichsbad for the benefit of the body and soul: the magnificent design of the thermal complexes is pleasing to the eye, and all kinds of restorative procedures, baths, massage, aromatherapy are very good for health.

The forms of healing used at the spa: bath, drink and inhalation treatments using sodium chloride thermal mineral water (69 ° C), therapeutic exercises in thermal mineral water, mud wraps of fango, massages of various kinds, underwater jet massage, massage of connective tissues , electrotherapy, thermo-indifferent hydroelectric baths according to Stanger, four-chamber baths.

Located in the Baden-Baden spa, the casino is without a doubt the number one attraction. The Kurzal building was built in the middle of the 19th century in a complex with a colonnade above a drinking spring. This is the heart of Baden-Baden. Tourists come here during the day, and limousines with celebrities come in the evening. Here, as in a movie, fortunes are played and won.

Culturally, Baden-Baden also has something to offer: museums, a philharmonic society, a drama theater and a musical theater offer their programs all year round, in addition, several international festivals are held in Baden-Baden.

Around Baden-Baden there are magnificent vineyards, where not only light but also dark grapes ripen, which is rare for Germany. Red wine “trollinger” is the pride of the resort.

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Baden Baden
Baden-Baden is a spa town in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, located on the western slopes of the Black Forest. Until 1931, the city was called Baden, but people often…