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Shark attacks: in which countries do they attack more often

This danger, however, as often happens, is greatly exaggerated; according to biologists, the shark on the beach is still an exception, not a rule. And cases of shark attacks on tourists swimming or engaged in diving, surfing and other water sports are often the result of a violation by the latter of various rules and instructions.

Nevertheless, the threat of an unprovoked attack by sharks on some beaches of world resorts really exists. In this article we will talk about the five countries that are most dangerous in this regard.

Causes of Shark Attacks on Humans


Sharks off the coast of the US frequent visitors

Sharks – the scourge of the Florida coast of the United States, the “paradise state” with luxurious beaches and wonderful climate. Close to the shore here are three of the most dangerous species of sharks for humans – white, blue and tiger.

The California coast shares with Florida a sad championship in the number of shark attacks in the United States. Here is the permanent habitat of large white sharks, and the facts of their attack on humans are recorded almost annually. For some reason, the great white shark most often attacks surfers, perhaps the silhouette of a man lying on a surf, raking water with his hands, reminds them of their favorite prey – fur seals.

Another famous American resort – the Hawaiian Islands – is also far from safe in terms of shark attacks. Tiger sharks are active on the Hawaiian coast, often attacking people and great whites, so all the beaches in the homeland of surfing are considered shark-hazardous, especially for surfers.

South Africa

Shark attack on fur seal in South Africa

Near the Atlantic coast of South Africa, the world’s largest population of white sharks lives. This is due to the proximity of the habitats of large pinnipeds – sea lions and sea leopards. Naturally, the threat of shark attacks on bathing tourists is also very high.

The South African authorities are taking measures to protect beaches from white predators – the beaches of Fish Hook, the most popular South African resort, were fenced off by underwater nets back in the 60s of the past century. However, shark attacks on humans cannot be avoided, 21 unprovoked attacks were recorded in 2010, and six of them were fatal.


Surfer killed by shark attack

A total of 55 fatal attacks were recorded in Australia, and there were more than 170 unprovoked attacks. The biologists see the reasons as very deep sections of the bottom adjacent to the shore, very convenient for attacks, from where predators appear.

The Australian coast, as well as the Great Barrier Reef, is a traditional habitat for several species of sharks dangerous to humans, including sand, reef, great white, and tiger. The latter is especially dangerous because of its huge size (up to 7.5 m), the incredible power of the jaws (it easily gnaws on the shell of a sea turtle), as well as the habit of hunting in shallow water. Cases of shark attacks on humans are regularly recorded on both the East and West coasts of Australia, in the region of Tasmania.


Recife Beaches

The Human Factor played a provocative role in relations between tourists and sharks on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. To the south of the small resort town of Recife, in the city of Porto Suare, large construction began in the 80s, and the freshwater mouths of two rivers, the breeding grounds of the bull shark, were blocked by dams. Sharks chose another place for childbirth – a channel near Recife.

As a result, about 20 kilometers of the Recife coastline quickly became extremely dangerous, sharks were very aggressive, about a third of their attacks on people ended in death. The beach area was even closed for swimming, but since 2006 it has been reopened.


A tourist from France died in a shark attack in the Red Sea off the coast of Marsa Alam in southern Egypt

The Red Sea, the main tourist area of ​​Egypt, for many years was not attributed to shark-hazardous areas. Although a large number of different species of sharks live there, but cases of their attack on humans have not been reported.

However, during November-December 2010, five shark attacks took place on the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh within six days, and the last incident ended in the death of an elderly tourist from Germany.

The incident shocked the world and especially the Russian public, three of the five injured tourists were our compatriots.

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