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Costa Daurada - The Golden Coast of Opportunity
Attachment to one place of rest - unless, of course, it is connected with neophobia (fear of everything new), without irony, let’s say, commendable devotion. What could be wrong with…

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Ceylon: the customs and foundations of modern Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka, in general, a poor Asian country, the life expectancy of the population is surprisingly high, even by European standards - an average of 75 years (73 for…

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Useful information for tourists about Attica

A region of Central Greece located in the southeast of the Balkan Peninsula and washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea. Three bays approach the shores of this peninsula – the Euboean, Saronic and Petalian. A significant part of the peninsula is covered with low mountains of limestone and marble. The mountains are covered with coniferous forests.

Attica is the historical region of Greece, on its territory are the capital of Athens, the legendary city of Marathon, the city of Eleusis, in which the inhabitants worshiped Demeter, the port of Piraeus. The first settlements on this earth belong to the Neolithic era (III millennium BC). The ancient historians Plato and Herodotus wrote that the inhabitants of Attica were autochthons – that is, not newcomers to the conquerors, but the original inhabitants, literally descended from the land itself. In ancient times, on the territory of Attica, each city or region represented a small state that revered its deity. There were 12 such states; they were united, according to legends, by the king of Theseus. Athens became the main city of Attica – the cradle of Greek statehood and democracy. Already in antiquity, Attica was governed by nine elected officials, in whose hands the executive, military and judicial powers were concentrated. A year later, these nine transferred power to the newly elected magistrates, and they themselves passed into the Areopagus, the organ of power of the aristocracy, for life. Athens itself became a place of development of culture, arts, philosophy.

The climate of Attica is mild, temperate Mediterranean. Average summer temperatures are almost always above +30 degrees. In late September, the rainy season begins, which lasts until April. From April to September, the swimming season lasts; the sea warms up to the maximum by August (up to +26). In winter, in spite of plus temperatures, snow may fall, melting almost immediately and not forming a snow cover.

Greece Photos
In Athens, the international airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, opened in 2001, serves as an air gate to Greece and to Attica in particular.

Inside Attica, you can travel by rail (electric trains) and intercity buses. In the eastern and western parts of Attica, buses leave from two different bus stations in Athens. The first is located near the Acropolis, the second – on Egyptian Square. Ferries carry tourists to the islands of Aegina and Salamis. One of the fastest ways to get around Athens is with a metro with three lines, one of which is a land line. Athens also has express bus lines leading to the airport, city bus, trolleybus, tram routes.

Attica Resorts
Administratively, Attica is divided into four nomes: Athens, Piraeus, East and West Attica. The most popular, both in terms of beach, and in terms of cultural and historical leisure Mr. Athens. The suburbs of the capital are resort towns with the general name “Athenian Riviera”. They are located along the coast and, in addition to hotels and beaches, contain yacht clubs, night clubs, golf clubs, and have their own specifics. So, Glyfada is considered a resort for the wealthy, Lagonissi – for families with children. Loutraki and Vouliagmeni specialize in healing.

Holidays in Piraeus will cost less than in Athens. Due to the location of the port there is only one beach, but Piraeus guarantees beautiful views and ancient attractions.

Sights and excursions
Greece Photos
We will begin our acquaintance with the rich heritage of Attica from Athens and its sacred hill of the Acropolis. The second name of the hill is Kekropiya, in honor of Kekrops, the first king of Athens. The Acropolis was also called a well-protected place and a settlement located inside this fortress. In ancient times, the main city was located in the Acropolis. According to legend, it was the residence of the land gatherer Attica Theseus. When the cult of the goddess Athena was established in Athens, a temple was built here in her honor – the Parthenon.

In Attica, many sights of various eras have been preserved. The legacies of Hellas are the ruins of ancient cities and temples dedicated to the gods of the Greek pantheon. For example, on Cape Sounion, on the shore, the remains of the temple of Poseidon are preserved. Byzantines preserved Christian monasteries and temples. One of them is Daphne Monastery near Athens. At the base of the monastery are the remains of the temple of Apollo. Near Mount Imitos, surrounded by coniferous and cypress forests, the monastery of Kesariani, also of the Byzantine period, is located.

Aegina Island is visited to see Paleochora. It is called an abandoned city, but in fact it is a valley in which the buildings of about seven dozen churches and chapels of the Byzantine and later period are preserved. It is believed that each of these structures was built in fulfillment of a vow given for the salvation of a loved one. Relatives, wives of fishermen and warriors came to this place for prayer.

Salamis, although it is called the “country” island, has such attractions as the cave of Euripides, another ancient Greek playwright. It is located at an altitude of more than one hundred meters, in the city of Salamis, in honor of the ancient author, a theater festival is held annually.

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