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Rhodes Island

The largest island of the Dodecanese archipelago and the fourth largest island in Greece. Rhodes is located in the southeastern part of Greece and is washed by the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, as well as smaller seas like Cretan (or Karpathos). The main city of the island is also called Rhodes.

The climate of Rhodes makes it a year-round resort, even in winter with an air temperature of about +15 degrees they come here for walks, sea air and attractions. Spring on the island is warm, and summers are not too hot. Sea breezes coming from the north “knock down” the heat. The average temperature in the summer months is about +31 degrees. The season on the island lasts through October, the best months for rest are May and September – the beginning and end of the season.

Rhodes Island is a “splinter” of the ancient mainland of Aegean. Geological processes formed the Atabiriy Mountains on the island, the highest of the peaks of which is slightly above 1200 meters.

About a thousand years before the onset of our era, there were already six city-states in a small Rhodes area. In the 5th and 4th centuries BC the Persians captured the island twice, after the second time it was liberated by Alexander the Great.

The island was the heyday of the economy and culture. Not only did trade make Rhodes great, science and art developed here: medicine, astronomy, sculpture, oratory, philosophy and others. The masters of Rhodes created such a statue of Nika of Samothrace and the Colossus of Rhodes, known even from school textbooks – one of the seven wonders of the world, a statue of the god Helios, who, according to legend, was the creator of the island. The height of the statue exceeded 30 meters, work on it took 12 years, the sculptor went broke and laid hands on himself. The statue stood for 50 years and collapsed during the earthquake. She lay on the ground for a long time, and then was sold to a merchant who melted the bronze and iron plating of the statue into bars and took out a thousand camels. The “filling” of the Colossus – clay and stone – did not interest him, and the Delphic oracle forbade the restoration of the statue. The works of Rhodes sculptors are today stored in the largest museums in the world: the Metropolitan in New York, the Louvre and others.

In its history, Rhodes was part of three empires – the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman. In the first half of the twentieth century, the island was ruled by Italy, during the Second World War it was occupied by Germany, and after its end came under the British protectorate and was returned to Greece only in 1948.

Not far from the main city of the island is located Diagoras International Airport. From Athens to Rhodes can be reached by plane or by ferry. The ferry service connects it with other islands of the archipelago and the cities of mainland Greece, for example, in the summer season with Thessaloniki. A high-speed boat runs from Athens to Rhodes, which can be reached five hours faster than by ferry.

Rhodes transportation options: taxi, car rental, public transport. All buses – urban and intercity, begin their movement from the bus station “New Market”. Tickets are purchased from the driver or at a special kiosk.

Sights and excursions
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Moving from north to south of the island, if you start from Rhodes, you will not be able to pass by the Rhodes fortress: the walls of the 13th century, the foundation of the ancient acropolis. Inside the fortress walls is an entire block with the palace of the Grand Masters. Now there is a museum in the palace, but earlier in this square building with a courtyard and towers in the corners was the residence of the Master of the Order of St. John. Before the Turks reigned on the island, Rhodes was occupied by the knights of the order, and everything in the Rhodes fortress recalls this: powerful walls, cobblestone streets. The palace was not damaged in any of the wars, however, under the Turks, gunpowder exploded in the basements of the building, and the building was damaged, and earthquakes also damaged it. The palace was restored under the Italians.

Moving south of the city, you can find a bee museum in the village of Pastida. Perhaps the most interesting thing in it is the history of beekeeping since ancient times: tools, a stone apiary are presented, and among the souvenirs are honey liquors, traditional Greek sweets on honey, cosmetics.

Near Kolymbia there is the Seven Springs nature park: seven streams that merge into one reservoir, and the water from them is used for its intended purpose. A cool coniferous forest, walking peacocks and goats, a mysterious narrow and gloomy 180-meter tunnel with ice-cold water, passing through which supposedly can be cleansed of sins, as well as the opportunity to get here by regular bus – all this leads crowds of tourists here.

In the city of Lindos, the ruins of the Acropolis and the Knight’s Castle are preserved. The remains of the temple of Apollo are adjacent to the medieval walls, and the castle of the Johannites – with an ancient stadium similar to the one that was in ancient Olympia. The Byzantine temple and the reconstruction of the ancient temple in honor of Athena are also located in Lindos. Lindos is popular with tourists almost as much as Delphi.

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