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Useful tips for travelers traveling in Asia

Of course, each country has its own special nuances, but there are common ones for the whole of Asia that are best observed.

Traveling in Asia

Avoiding Food Poisoning

According to WHO, the southeast of Asia has been named a region with a high probability of poisoning when eating local dishes. Every second European tourist, to one degree or another, experienced symptoms of poisoning when visiting this region.

In order not to fall into their number, you should not, of course, completely starve yourself. Do not miss all the gastronomic adventures just because of the fact that someone from the neighbors in the hotel was not lucky with the local dishes. Just keep to reasonable limits.

You should buy food that was processed directly with you. In case you are seasoning, add peppers to the food. They disinfect it from germs. Chili is especially good at this. When buying local fruits, do not buy those that are not peeled, but when you arrive at the hotel, try to wash them with boiled water.

About water

Do not drink tap water in any Asian country! Even while brushing your teeth, use bottled water that you personally purchased closed.

Outside of tourist centers, where sanitary standards may be completely absent, try to avoid drinks with ice, for the quality of which you cannot be absolutely sure.

In general, make it a rule to consume only bottled water. Do not ignore these recommendations.
In order to remember this simple rule forever, we advise you to pay attention to the muddy yellow-sandy waters of a significant part of the large rivers in Asia, in comparison with which the waters of our Moskva River seem very transparent.

Ganges River

How to deal with cash in Asia

In order not to become a victim of local thieves, and not to be left without a livelihood at once, share your financial resources and credit cards.

Do not store them together in the same wallet. Open a second wallet, share money with a fellow traveler. Use the safe in the hotel room, or leave large amounts in the safe at the reception.

Use credit cards more often, taking out small amounts for immediate expenses.

Divide the money with different credit cards and do not forget to warn your bank that you intend to use the card while being outside the country so that it does not turn out to be blocked.

What medicine to take with you

No one can guarantee you that you don’t need medicine on a trip to countries such as India, China or Myanmar. Do not hope that you can buy them at local pharmacies.

Going here, take with you as much as possible a large list of medicines. Without fail, in your first-aid kit should be anti-flu, sickness, allergies, poisoning and pain, as well as drops for ears and eyes.

Do not show your worth

If you are far from the main tourist routes, do not show that you have some money savings with you.

In Asia, you are a priori richer than the vast majority of the local population. Many local thieves will be honored to rob you. Do not flaunt jewelry, do not show your expensive cameras and cell phones.

Change large bills into small ones in advance, and keep valuable purchases in different packages.

About the benefits of copies of documents

Loss of documents will entail the procedure for establishing your identity at the Russian Consulate. And it will be easier to survive, with a copy of your passports, visa, return tickets, insurance.

Do not carry scanned sheets of these documents with you, send their photos to your e-mail. This is a more reliable way.

About attitude to strangers

If you encounter a manifestation of friendliness in your travels in Asia, then this is not a cause for concern, feel free to attribute this to a manifestation of the local mentality.

Worrying when such complacency becomes too intrusive.

When prompted to get into the car and drive you to the right place, refuse from intrusive services and help.

If you really need them, then feel the line between sincere help and deception, and do not step over it.

About two-wheel rental

Motorcycle crashes in Thailand

Fashionable rental scooters and motorbikes in the resorts of Southeast Asia very often ends in an accident. Especially when cocktails are raging in the blood.

Do not neglect the elementary rules of personal safety in the form of a helmet. And do not drive after alcohol. Find out if your insurance covers the possibility of treating injuries that may result from an accident. Take our advice seriously. Life is often at stake, and not only yours, but also that of other people.

Have a nice rest!

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