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Where to stay in Golden Sands

Golden Sands is the most popular resort in Bulgaria and one of the oldest. It began to be built in 1956, and Soviet basketball players became its first guests. Then tourists began to come from neighboring Czechoslovakia: they were not ready to let them on the Adriatic, but Bulgaria came up. Since 1963, the resort began to receive guests from Western Europe.

The village is located on the territory, which since 1943 has the status of the Golden Sands nature reserve and borders on another reserve – Baltata, which was established in 1963. Ecological paths and observation platforms have been set up along their territories. If you want to look at the subtropical coniferous forest, you should go to Golden Sands, if you want to look at the swampy floodplain forests where many waterfowl nest, then go to the north, to Baltata. In addition, nearby is the unique rock monastery Aladzha – the main attraction of the northern coast of Bulgaria.

Golden Sands is a large resort where everyone will find something for himself. There are quiet streets and noisy embankments, where music does not stop until the morning, there are inexpensive apartments, and there are five-star hotels operating on an all-inclusive basis.

With the beaches here, as everywhere in Bulgaria: sunbeds and umbrellas are paid. There are not very large free zones where you can settle down with your umbrellas, as a rule, they are opposite to not the best sections of the seabed. Lifeguards are on duty at the beach, there are many pools with water activities, and in the center of the resort there is a picturesque port with yachts.

Golden Sands Areas
Several suburban villages adjoin the Golden Sands, so the resort can be relatively divided into the following zones:

North beach.
Central beach.
South beach.
Baba Alino.
The resort is a quiet village between Golden Sands and Albena. It is aimed at a relaxing family vacation: there are no noisy entertainments and night discos here. But here it is much cheaper than in the neighboring untwisted Albena.

Accommodation in Kranevo is mostly 2-3 stars, very basic. Quite a lot of hotels located in the depths of the city, on the second or third line, on the first there are few of them. At the same time, in fact, all that a tourist needs is here: a rose cosmetics shop, a small vegetable market, a large supermarket, and many restaurants with Bulgarian cuisine, and you can take a bus to Golden Sands or Balchik. So this is the ideal place for a quiet unpretentious vacation at sea: the beach here, like everywhere in Bulgaria, is wide, sandy and free, there is infrastructure on it, there is also entertainment.

The village is located on the hills, from the upper streets there are beautiful views of the sea and the coast, and food in the “upper” restaurants is just a penny. Of the attractions – a small church, built recently. Between Kranevo and Albena lies the green area of ​​the Baltata Nature Reserve, which has several ecological trails and simply hiking trails.

Kranevo is an ideal choice for those who need an inexpensive and quiet holiday by the sea in a beautiful green place.

North beach
The quietest and greenest part of the resort, behind the marina. The beach here is not wide, it does not have as many water activities as in the center, but it is much more comfortable to swim without dodging trampolines and catamarans. There are also restaurants on the embankment – but they are cheaper and not so rattled with music. The largest free zones are located here, but be careful – it can be uncomfortable to swim in front of them, there are a lot of big stones. To the north, almost on the border with Kranevo, there is a nudist zone.

To the north is an interesting attraction – the ethnographic complex “Chiflika”, a picturesque village with its own restaurant, workshops, production of brandies and stables. It is about the same distance from Golden Sands, Albena and Kranevo. Folklore programs like “Bulgarian evenings” are held here. In “Chiflik” there is a hotel – “Monastery”, where you can stay. It’s far from the sea from there, but you can walk around the mountains and the Baltate Nature Reserve even on foot, even on a bicycle, even on a horse here.

Central beach
The resort center with all its advantages and disadvantages. It is always noisy, always fun, there is always something to do – but always crowds of people, and not cheap. In the center there are two attractions on the promenade itself: the beautiful church of St. John the Baptist and the model of the Eiffel Tower 32 meters high.

On the beach in the very center is the famous youth bar Mojito Beach Bar, and not far from it is the nightclub Arrogance Music Factory. Near the Admiral Hotel there is an amusement park with a Ferris wheel, a room of fear, karting and much more. The International Hotel has the largest casino in Bulgaria.

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