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Where to stay on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is a territory of Spain and is located in the southeastern part of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

The coast is replete with inaccessible cliffs, high cliffs on which pines, pines and firs grow. It is not in vain that the name of this area in one of the translation variants means “rocky coast”. However, between the rocks are wonderful beaches, cozy bays, picturesque bays. That is why the coast has such an attraction for tourists. Many travelers from around the world come here every year.

But on the coast you can not only swim and sunbathe: there are a large number of historical attractions. This, in particular, megalithic structures and the ruins of ancient castles. In addition, the coast is a center of attraction for all fans of Salvador Dali. Here are the museums of the great surrealist. You can also see the castle, which the artist gave to his beloved, who inspired him to create many brilliant paintings.

If you are a fan of the famous painter, are interested in the history of Spain or just love a beach holiday and picturesque landscapes, you should definitely visit here.

Costa Brava areas
The coastal area is officially divided into three areas:

Alt Empordà;
Bash Empordà;
But sometimes, speaking of the coastal areas, two more names are given:

Playa de l’Estany;
In this text we will talk about the features of each of the five named areas.

Alt Empordà
The area of ​​the district is about one and a half thousand square kilometers. The population is about one hundred twenty thousand people. The district is divided into sixty-eight municipalities.

It is here that the sights associated with the life and work of Dali, the famous surrealist artist, are located. Here, on the territory of the theater-museum, lies the ashes of the painter. The museum itself is one of the main local attractions. It was opened in the 70s of the XX century. The exterior of the building is surreal. The project of this building was developed by the artist himself. The museum exposition includes about one and a half thousand exhibits. Here you will see the “crazy” experiments of the famous genius, which will surely cause you an emotional response. If you love everything bright, unusual, appreciate the freedom of creativity and the flight of imagination, be sure to visit this museum.

Not far from it is an old fortress – another pride of the local population. It was built in honor of one of the Spanish kings. Also near the museum is a temple of the X century. It is consecrated in honor of St. Pedro. True, only certain elements of the original building have survived to this day: the temple was rebuilt in the XIV century.

But back to the topic of Spanish surrealism. In the district there is another museum dedicated to the work of Dali. Once there were seven fishing houses; they were bought by the painter and turned into a single building. Here you can see the workshop of the famous artist, visit his library, take a walk in his garden … According to the reviews of many tourists who visited this place, the local energy is simply unbelievable. Many creative people come here for inspiration. If you also need an impulse for creativity, you should stay in this area of ​​the coast.

However, the area is famous not only for the sights associated with the name of the famous artist. There are a huge number of other tourist places. This, for example, the Museum of Toys, in which you can see about four thousand exhibits. Another interesting attraction is the Cat’s House: it consists of three floors, each of which has many cats and cats. Of course, they are not left to their own devices: they are taken care of by an employee who keeps order in this unusual tourist place.

Attractions of the area can be listed for a long time. If you stay here, you will certainly have no time to be bored: there are so many interesting and unusual things that you may not even have enough time to explore all of the local attractions.

Where to stay: Hotel Calina, Hotel Sol Ixent, Boutique Hotel Villa Gala.

Bash emporda
The area of ​​the district is more than seven hundred square kilometers. The population is about one hundred twenty thousand people. The district consists of thirty-six municipalities.

There are many cliffs and bays in this area. Perhaps for beach lovers this is the best area on the coast. In addition to beaches and bays, there are other natural beauties here – a majestic mountain range, picturesque swampy lowlands …

There are also many historical monuments (including megalithic ones), several museums. In addition, the area is famous for its excellent cuisine! There are markets, fairs and colorful folk holidays are held. But still, first of all, tourists are attracted here by great opportunities for a beach holiday. If you aspire to the Spanish coast just to sunbathe and swim…

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