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Héviz is a balneological resort on the shores of the thermal lake of the same name, which is a unique creation of nature not only in Europe, but throughout the…

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Wedding in the Dominican Republic - exotic for all tastes!
A hundred friends and relatives who filled the house, host, tuple - paraphernalia of a traditional wedding are still attractive to many, but more and more often newlyweds choose various…

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Where to stay in Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach is a popular resort in Bulgaria, located approximately between Varna and Nessebar. This is a resort village, consisting mainly of hotels and surrendering apartments. It is considered the…

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Budapest is the capital of Hungary, its main political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transport center. The city consists of three historically formed parts – Pest, Buda and Obuda, in January 1872 united into one city.

The history of numerous wars and invasions, the constant destruction and perestroika created Budapest today, with a mixture of styles born in those periods when a proud and cheerful nation with love restored its city, a city of charm and character, both European and exclusively Hungarian. The collection of palaces, churches and monuments of Budapest is declared by UNESCO a World Cultural Heritage. Continue reading

Vatican City Attractions

In the era of ancient Rome, this place between the Tiber and two hills – Yanikul and Vatican, was occupied by the circus of Nero. Here he was martyred and the Apostle Peter was buried. Under Pope Anaclet, a small tomb basilica was built on this site.

In 324, Emperor Constantine replaced the modest tomb with a basilica in the style typical of the early Christian churches of Rome. Completed in 349 by Constantius, the son of Constantine, this basilica over time has been significantly enriched by the generous gifts of the popes and wealthy donors. It was here, in this basilica of Constantine, that Charlemagne in 800 received the crown from the hands of Pope Leo III, and after him the emperors Lothar, Louis II and Frederick III were crowned here. Continue reading

Baku nightlife

Baku’s nightlife is very rich: in the illuminated metropolis, it lasts until the morning hours. In the establishments on Baku Boulevard, everyone will be able to dine while sipping a cocktail on the terraces from which the Caspian is visible, as well as spend time in karaoke bars and enjoy jazz and rock music.

Night excursions in Baku
The 3-hour tour “Baku night tour” (transfer by minibus), starting at 21:00, involves a walk to the fortress walls and the Philharmonic Garden. In addition, sightseers will reach the upper part of the Azerbaijani capital by funicular, from where they will be able to admire Primorsky Boulevard and make excellent photographs. “Baku night tour” is also an opportunity to admire the Flame Towers towers in the form of three fiery languages, visit the martyrs alley, the State Flag Square and Lesser Venice, see the Maiden’s Tower and the carpet museum building. Continue reading

When is it better to relax in Azerbaijan?

An ancient state with a five-thousand-year history, the birthplace of the “Shamakhand queen” from Pushkin’s fairy tale “The Golden Cockerel”, the place where Noah lived out his last days and where his tomb is located, the country that served as a prototype of Persia in the poetry of Sergei Yesenin, is Azerbaijan. When asked when to relax in Azerbaijan, local residents unequivocally answer: from the beginning of summer to mid-autumn. At this time, dry, warm weather sets in, and rains are very rare.

One of the Caucasian republics of the former Soviet Union, Azerbaijan is not frozen in the past, although there are enough historical monuments here. The country changes so much every year that people who have been here several years ago do not recognize it. Significant changes are especially noticeable in its capital, the city of Baku. Continue reading

What to see in Azerbaijan

Tours to the former Soviet republics are becoming increasingly popular among Russian travelers. Simplified entry conditions and the ability to communicate in their native language attracts compatriots to the Transcaucasian republics, with whose inhabitants relations have long been distinguished by special warmth. Looking for information on what to see in Azerbaijan during a vacation or vacation? Pay attention to the most famous sights, which are famous for both Baku and the Azerbaijani province.

In the center of old Baku, on top of a cliff partially lined with hewn stone, stands the oldest metropolitan attraction – the Maiden’s Tower. Continue reading

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