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Costa Dorada
Costa Daurada ("Gold Coast") - the coast of the province of Tarragona got its name by chance: the fine sand of endless beaches glistens in the waves of the Mediterranean…

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Bali Travel Tips
Upon arrival at the airport • After leaving the plane, be ready to provide the services of voluntary (but not disinterested) assistants who will take care of your luggage. Remember…

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Budapest is the capital of Hungary, its main political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transport center. The city consists of three historically formed parts - Pest, Buda and Obuda, in January…

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Where to stay in Vienna

It’s not for nothing that many people call Vienna the grand drawing room of Europe – with such riches it’s not a shame to receive the highest guests. Moreover, it is difficult to find a place where palaces, parks and cathedrals of the past would so easily and naturally coexist with the laconic and assertive products of our time. And all this in the thick, tart atmosphere of inspiration and daydreaming that Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Haydn and other creators presented to the city. Against the backdrop of such greatness, not knowing where to stay in Vienna seems even indecent – the city, which received the geniuses of art, always has something to offer the traveler who seeks shelter. Continue reading

Where to stay in Salzburg

Salzburg is considered one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Austria. Tourists from all over the world strive to get here in order to feel the amazing atmosphere of this city, stroll along the old streets, taste the dishes of national cuisine and get acquainted with local traditions.

The flow of visitors does not stop all year round, therefore, recently in Salzburg an emphasis has been placed on the construction of hotels and hotel complexes. If you want to spend a few days or weeks in this ancient and interesting city, it is better to decide in advance where to stay in Salzburg. Continue reading

Where to stay in Ibiza

Famous for its many nightclubs and beautiful beaches, the Mediterranean island of Ibiza (another pronunciation of the name is Ibiza) is visited annually by a huge number of tourists from around the world. The wonderful climate, discos, electronic music, warm and clear sea water – this is what attracts most travelers here. But some tourists arrive on the island only to see historical monuments that are under the protection of UNESCO. Among these attractions, a special place is occupied by the ancient castle, the first mention of which dates from the XII century. Continue reading

Where to stay on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is a territory of Spain and is located in the southeastern part of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

The coast is replete with inaccessible cliffs, high cliffs on which pines, pines and firs grow. It is not in vain that the name of this area in one of the translation variants means “rocky coast”. However, between the rocks are wonderful beaches, cozy bays, picturesque bays. That is why the coast has such an attraction for tourists. Many travelers from around the world come here every year.

But on the coast you can not only swim and sunbathe: there are a large number of historical attractions. This, in particular, megalithic structures and the ruins of ancient castles. Continue reading

Where to stay in Golden Sands

Golden Sands is the most popular resort in Bulgaria and one of the oldest. It began to be built in 1956, and Soviet basketball players became its first guests. Then tourists began to come from neighboring Czechoslovakia: they were not ready to let them on the Adriatic, but Bulgaria came up. Since 1963, the resort began to receive guests from Western Europe.

The village is located on the territory, which since 1943 has the status of the Golden Sands nature reserve and borders on another reserve – Baltata, which was established in 1963. Ecological paths and observation platforms have been set up along their territories. If you want to look at the subtropical coniferous forest, you should go to Golden Sands, if you want to look at the swampy floodplain forests where many waterfowl nest, then go to the north, to Baltata. Continue reading

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