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Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain, located in the center of the country. Being the highest capital of Europe, Madrid is very hot in summer and quite…

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Corfu Island
Corfu is the Italian version of the name of this island. The Greek version is Kerkyra. It is the second largest island in the Ionian group of islands. Compared to…

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Rest in the Altai Mountains
Everything in Altai! To the Altai Mountains! Perhaps, it is with such an appeal that this article should begin. Here there is almost everything for relaxation - mountains, forests, lakes,…

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Where to stay in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a popular resort in Bulgaria, located approximately between Varna and Nessebar. This is a resort village, consisting mainly of hotels and surrendering apartments. It is considered the largest resort village in Bulgaria and stretches along the coast for ten kilometers. Administratively, Sunny Beach is considered part of Nessebar, but in reality it is a completely independent resort. It began to be built in the late 50s, and right away, along with the construction of hotels, they created a green landscape park, planting many decorative trees, so now it is one of the greenest areas of the coast. Continue reading

By Viking Line ferry: Helsinki – Stockholm – Helsinki – Tallinn

The advantages of ferry crossings for guests and residents of maritime powers are very obvious. Here is the opportunity to move to the desired point with the car, bulk luggage and even pets, and considerable savings in the purchase of automobile fuel, and a significant reduction in transfer time. But if you delve into the essence of the matter and get acquainted with the structure of modern ships and the conditions in which a person who bought a ticket for a ferry finds himself, it becomes obvious that the advantages in such a travel arrangement are incomparably greater than might seem at first glance.

Descendants of the Vikings with affectionate names
The countries of the Baltic region have long been firmly connected with each other by a multitude of relations – economic, cultural and just human.
When the sea captain Gunnar Eklund established the shipping company Viking Line back in 1959, he most likely set himself exclusively business goals. Continue reading

Thailand island romance

Emerald lagoons, cliffs covered with dense tropical vegetation hanging down like thick giant hair, mysterious grottoes, mountains hiding in a blue haze, waterfalls among the pristine jungle – all this is Thailand, the fabulous natural riches of which can be discovered every time you travel.

In this article you will learn about two large and popular islands for tourists – Phuket and Samui.

In general, each island has something of its own, a completely different atmosphere, climate, nature, its mood. Only Thais are hospitable, as elsewhere. No wonder Thailand is called the country of a thousand smiles, the benevolence of the locals is amazing. Continue reading

Costa Daurada – The Golden Coast of Opportunity

Attachment to one place of rest – unless, of course, it is connected with neophobia (fear of everything new), without irony, let’s say, commendable devotion. What could be wrong with the fact that a person has found an ideal corner for himself on Earth? And if he can give practical advice to others and thoroughly talk about why he has found peace of mind anywhere, namely here – such an experience is invaluable! Imagine, season after season, Russian tourists flock to the resorts of Costa Daurada (this is the name used in Catalan) and every year many of them repeat their trip, replenishing the number of loyal fans of it – today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. And, it would seem, with each season it’s becoming more and more difficult to diversify their leisure time, breaking away (literally) from the “Gold Coast” – everything has been investigated, everything has been worn out. Continue reading

Brilliant St. Petersburg

May Petersburg welcomes guests with warmth and bright sunshine. But, of course, not always so lucky. Petersburgers like to complain about the weather and talk about the cold and dank city. I don’t know, maybe it is. And in fine weather, Petersburg is simply beautiful! Spring, Neva joyfully shimmers in the sun without frowning at all. Isaac, Winter, Admiralty. The mood is great. There are many tourists on the streets, but this is not a crowd. The queues in museums are not long yet – while you are standing, there is just time to prepare yourself for a meeting with the beautiful. In restaurants and cafes there are always free tables.

Every year, planning another vacation, children’s vacation or holiday weekend, the thought comes to a trip to St. Petersburg. It doesn’t matter that I’ve been there many times. With each new visit, you discover the city in a new way. It all depends on age, mood, life circumstances. Continue reading

Where to stay in Vienna
It’s not for nothing that many people call Vienna the grand drawing room of Europe - with such riches it’s not a shame to receive the highest guests. Moreover, it…


By Viking Line ferry: Helsinki - Stockholm - Helsinki - Tallinn
The advantages of ferry crossings for guests and residents of maritime powers are very obvious. Here is the opportunity to move to the desired point with the car, bulk luggage…


Baden Baden
Baden-Baden is a spa town in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, located on the western slopes of the Black Forest. Until 1931, the city was called Baden, but people often…


Rhodes Island
The largest island of the Dodecanese archipelago and the fourth largest island in Greece. Rhodes is located in the southeastern part of Greece and is washed by the Aegean and…